Top-Rated Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Do you have questions about your garbage disposal? Are you interested in learning ways that you can improve its efficiency or extend its lifespan? If so, we’ve got answers. Tucson Discount Plumbers is a comprehensive plumbing service providing information, repairs, and installation services to residents of Tucson, AZ.

Every day we speak with people just like you who want to know more about their plumbing appliances and what they can do to safeguard their appliance from major repairs. We know that saving money is our customers’ number one priority. The best way to do this is to prevent breakdowns whenever possible. As a garbage disposal ages, you may not always be able to avoid a problem here or there, but we’re more than happy to help you try.

How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal in Good Condition

Why do garbage disposals break so easily? For the most part, these small appliances are extremely durable, especially newer models with stainless steel blades and chambers. The reason that they seem to fail often has less to do with the construction and more to do with the usage or manner of installation.

The best thing you can do to make sure your disposal has a good start is to hire a licensed plumber to install the disposal. These experts have tools and the training to properly hook up the disposal to your kitchen sink so it works correctly from day one. Garbage disposals that are not installed right can cause blockages, leakage, and mechanical failure.

Once your disposal is professionally installed, you can keep it running well by following the manufacturer’s suggestions for usage. For example, most residential garbage disposals have a horsepower rating between .50 and 1.0. Obviously, the higher the number, the more powerful the motor is. However, residential-grade disposals are not designed to handle excessive amounts of food waste. When a disposal is subjected to overfilling, it can easily clog or the motor can fail. You can protect your garbage disposal from these problems by putting small amounts of food into the disposal at one time.

Need Affordable Garbage Disposal Repair in Tucson?

We understand that our customers are concerned about the cost for professional repairs. This is why so many people try to fix their own disposals. Unfortunately, without the right tools or plumbing experience this attempt can be costly and disastrous.

If you are fed up with living with a broken garbage disposal, or want to troubleshoot a problem with a professional plumber, then call Tucson Discount Plumbers today. We’ll connect you with a local contractor who will be than happy to answer your questions and provide you with unbeatable prices for repairs or installation if this is what you need.